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Video marketing is an ever evolving technique which has been around for many years and is guaranteed to be around for many to come. So, why is video marketing so popular? Simple; there is no better way to engage, captivate and explain your message to users or potential customers than via video.

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Video provides a way to easily portray yourself whilst being optimized. As a general example, imagine reading a 200 word flyer, compared to watching a video which involves someone speaking 200 words to explain the content of the flyer to you. The latter is more concise, more captivating and certainly more marketable.

Due to the rise and continuity of video marketing, there are many forms available. One of the most popular of recent times in the ‘explainer video’ format. This is a format which usually revolves around animation of messages and scenarios to engage users and explain products or situations for services to them. In the modern world, attention spans are shortening, so see multiple scenes a few seconds in length, merged together to convey messages is always going to be a great it.

Traditionally, when you think of animation, there are two major drawbacks you usually face:
1. The time to create
2. The cost to create

Thanks to Fiverr, these two drawbacks have been dealt with. What can take weeks and cost $1000′s elsewhere can be turned around much quicker and at a fraction of a cost. One seller to really highlight is dukanu. dukanu creates UNIQUE explainer videos for as little as $5 per 5 seconds. To break that down as an example, the standard video length of an explainer video is 30-60 seconds. Rather than costing thousands, you are only spending $30-$60. You’re not just paying for a template, you’re paying for a UNIQUE creation. This really is one not to be missed. Be sure to secure your order now whilst the pricing is still so cheap.

Twistedweb123, aka Adam, is an online freelancer, owner of Twisted Web Solutions and long term Fiverr user; Programmer, Designer, Father and proud turtle owner

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