Ultimate Fiverr marketing

An actual marketing methodology that will let you take ANY niche, ANY gig, and ANY scenario – and turn your gig account into a highly profitable money-making machine!Ultimate Fiverr Marketing is Packed with 50+ pages brimming with

- 10 Advanced Fiverr Techniques

- 3 Ultimate Marketing Strategies

- Semi- Auttomated and outsourcable methods

- Charts, images, and diagrams that guide you through the process

- Cut and paste tools and writing you can use in minutes!


And while it uses advanced techniques- it’s 100% newbie friendly!


Here’s How Ultimate Fiverr Marketing Helps you Make a TON of money Using Fiverr in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1)  I walk you through the nuts and bolts of Fiverr – we get your account set up the RIGHT way to make sure you attract the buyers you want.  I show you EXACTLY how to find and pick the perfect gigs to start setting up and promoting.

Step 2) I give you advanced methods on how to get instant traffic and buyers to your gig – even if your account is only minutes old! I share with you advanced Fiverr secrets that even many TOP SELLERS don’t know!

Step 3) I guide you through the 3 Ultimate FIverr Marketing Methods – the way you can turn your Fiverr account into a money-making marketing tool.   Consistently.

Using these 3 steps, you can create a Fiverr account that can help you start up your own business.

And I don’t mean just $5 – I mean real money.


Take a sneak peek at what you’ll find inside:

Page 5 – The secret behind creating a username that gets people to pick your services over your competitors
Page 7 How to pick and make photos that make people choose your gig and buy from you.
Page 7 – A ‘profile swipe file’ that you can use to make a profile that POPs and makes you look like a professional.
Page 8 – How to legally connect your profile to  your other business or sites
Page 9-  Common newbie blunders that make you look DESPERATE – and how to avoid them!
Page 10 – A gig ‘brainstorming mind map’ that will help you think up and create profitable gigs for your niches!
Page 11 – How to use Fiverr’s own page to ‘hack’ into your competition’s minds and turn their profitable gigs into YOUR profitable gigs
Page 15 – The “Hourly Rate Test” That helps you figure out how to make the most from a gig in the least amount of time
Page 16 – A fool-proof method that makes sure people start ordering your gigs right away – even if you just set up your account minutes ago!
Page 17 – The method to making headlines that get people to notice your gigs over your competition
Page 20 – Creating irresistible offers that people can’t help but throw money at you for.
Page 22 – How to get customers to order your gigs NOW (even if you created your account only minutes ago!)
Page 23 -  How to use the “Green Bar” method to get high paying gig orders
Page 27- Getting endless Fiverr orders by following 3 simple stops
Page 29 – How to easily remove negative feedback and the secret to always having 100% positive ratings
Page 31 – Easy ways to harvest testimonials to help you got more sales – on and off Fiverr!
Page 32 – How to outsource and arbitrage gigs and get things done for less than $5 each.
Page 34 – How to make double or more per gig!
Page 35 – How to get your gigs featured so they appear on the front page for everyone to see!
Page 36 – How to become a Fiverr top seller in no time.
Page 37 – the Simple way to build a ‘buyers list’ – using Fiverr! Get paid per lead!
Page 38 – An in depth look at how to leverage the Fiverr Seller feature to make more money.
Page 40 – Using videos on Fiverr to make even more money (no fancy equipment needed!)
Page 44 – How savvy sellers have used fiverr to land jobs worth $500, $1000 – or more!
Page 45 -  2 simple methods you can use TODAY to start making money on Fiverr
Page 50 – How to prevent “gig abuse” from buyers – make them pay you more!
Page 51 – Creating product sales funnels and upsells.
Page 52 – The lazy-man Amazon affiliate method (Get people to PAY YOU to buy from your amazon links!)
Page 54 – Offline outsourcing and upselling madness – How I make offline businesses pay me $300 for a gig I just paid $5 for!
Page 58 – The top 4 tools you can use to make more money in any business!

Twistedweb123, aka Adam, is an online freelancer, owner of Twisted Web Solutions and long term Fiverr user; Programmer, Designer, Father and proud turtle owner

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