tn5rr2012 Interview – Inspiration from our Ancestry

Jo: We all have our own back-story, but what’s yours tn5rr2012…How did you discover Fiverr?

tn5rr2012: It was late 2011 and I am sure I heard about Fiverr from some news source but really don’t remember which one. I had always been looking for a way to make money online and always ran into websites that weren’t legitimate or the payout was pennies on the dollar.

I scrutinized Fiverrs website and realized that I was not giving away personal information so I created 3 gigs. Two gigs were for recipes and the other one was my current family tree gig. After I did this, I forgot about Fiverr momentarily, until I received an email about 2 weeks later saying I had an order for my family tree gig. I had forgotten about Fiverr and almost deleted the email!…lol. I came back to Fiverr saw the order and said, what the heck and started and completed my first family tree gig.

Jo: Great “save” right there tn5rr2012!! How did you come up with the name “tn5rr2012″?

tn5rr2012: Anytime we have to create a screen name, we all rack our brains for something unique. Usually when I create a screen name it is based on my email but I wanted this to be new, so TN (the great state of Tennessee where I am from) 5rr (Fiverr) 2012 (the year).

Jo: That IS unique!! Very proud of your home state…cool! You know, when I conduct a guest interview, our readers love hearing about what our guests most memorable work they have done for a buyer…What’s yours??

tn5rr2012: One of the first family trees I started, my buyer, a young woman, was trying to prove her Jewish lineage through her maternal side. She wanted to join a synagogue and needed proof of her Jewish heritage. I traced her maternal family line and found census records form her great great great grandmother who immigrated from Russia.

In the census records it stated where she was from and the language she spoke, Yiddish. Later. after delivering the documents and chart, the client wrote back and said that what I provided, was enough proof for her Rabbi and because of my work, she would be able to join the synagogue.

Jo: Life changing. Well done tn5rr2012!! Remaining in the vein of “life changing”, how has Fiverr changed your life, your lifestyle, or the way you live??

tn5rr2012: In 2012, my family tree gig on Fiverr allowed me to balance out my finances at the end of each month, become financially stable and also start saving for a new home in 2013.

Sadly, we lost our home in 2009, and I have been working my way back to a sound financial status since. It also helped pay for a much needed family vacation to Orlando, Florida.. We had a great time, and I would not have found financially stability, nor had such a great time with my family, had it not been for Fiverr.

Jo: How touching. That’s sweet! You know an interview with you tn5rr2012, would not be complete without mentioning your blog. Tell me more about it and do you have a gig involving your blog?

tn5rr2012: I do have a blog, , and it focuses on spotlighting other Fiverr sellers. Once a month I find another seller and purchase one of their gigs, then I do a quick review/write up about that gig and other gigs they offer.

With regards to having a gig that involves my blog, no, at this time I do not offer blog features as a gig. It is just something I do as a way to give back to the community and more specifically, other sellers. I really only have my one family tree gig.

Speaking of my family tree gig, I just want to highlight the fact, that right now, it is offered for families within the United States only. Just want to be clear on that.

Jo: Oh that’s good, I am glad you highlighted that. Yes, going through the process of creating one’s family tree can be so inspiring, to see how those that came before you managed their lives. Really a wonderful time of reflection as one digs deeper into the past to help find inspiration for our own journey. So while you are helping others discover and develop, how has Fiverr helped with your professional development…brought out any hidden talents?

tn5rr2012: Well, I have been a genealogist for almost 30 years, becoming Certified about 15 years ago. At one point it was my main business and was very time consuming. As a full time genealogist, there is a lot of research, travel and living among the stacks in the local archives with your face in a book taking notes. That kind of research involves interviewing historians, distant family members and a lot of travel.

As my family tree gig grew I realized that my expertise could help people start their own research and love for genealogy. I also want to be able to give to people a service that they can afford. In today’s economy most folks cannot even fathom hiring a genealogist at $250/hr or spending their hard earned money on genealogy memberships. So that’s where my service comes into play.

I have always had a talent for finding ancestors who wanted to remain hidden and also being able to decipher census records and data. I get great satisfaction from my family tree gig and what I am able to give back to others.

Jo: That’s excellent! Your devotion and attitude is greatly applauded over here at YourFiverr! Before we wrap up here, can I ask, what advice would you give to a new Fiverr seller to be successful, and do you have any good tips for other sellers, on how best to promote their gigs??

tn5rr2012: When you join Fiverr, be serious about it and plan to work at your gigs. If you want to be successful you are going to have to find your niche and make your gig stand out from the others. Be creative and unique. Also make sure you market your gig and participate in Fiverr discussions, in the Fiverr community, whether it be on Facebook, the Fiverr Forum or other message boards. Get your name out there and make sure you stay on top of it on a daily basis.

Jo: Great advice tn5rr2012! Thank you so much for sharing your Fiverr story with us! It’s been a pleasure!! :) For more information on tn5rr2012′s gigs, be sure to check out

Jo OldBittyGrandma

OldBittyGrandma, aka Jo, is an IMDb listed actor, writer, a highly skilled Fiverr video professional and a wife, mom, and owner of 2 dogs.

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  • FiverrPhil  says:

    You two are all over the Fiverr Forums! tn5rr2012′s gig is super unique and I’ve always been impressed with how MASSIVE a presence he/she has in not only the Fiverr community, but with Marketing in general, for such a specific niche.

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  • tn5rr2012  says:

    Thank you again Jo for the interview and article. This turned out great and you are the most awesome Super Seller on Fiverr!

  • arjunrocks  says:

    super cool…nice one jo..

  • Old Bitty GrandmaThe Glory Days of Old Old Bitty Grandma|  says:

    [...] is Ashley, and her Fiverr username is tn5rr2012. I got the opportunity to interview her for the YourFiverr blog. Really a beautiful person, and in talking with her, I could sense this glow, this passion she [...]

    • Dongbock  says:

      / I’d like to point out another tip, too. If you’re on Fiverr to make money itaensd of making money + being creative you need to think of services you can offer to others who want to make money. I’ve been pretty successful with Fiverr since starting 2 months ago and that’s the best advice I could ever give.I originally had gigs setup wherein I offered something of my own interests. Well, it seems my interests aren’t a big thing on Fiverr.After reevaluating my whole situation I decide to take my experience as a webmaster, web hoster, support tech, and anything else web-related you can think of and apply it to Fiverr. With that, I found success.More people want to spend money on gigs that could potentially make them more money than those who will spend it on creative or nonsensical things.Love the site, btw!

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