The Fiverr cheat sheet *MUST READ*


The topic I will be covering today is:

“How to Fiverr” – a 6 point descriptive overview detailing how to become successful on the selling platform.


Ok, so first things first, what do you have to offer? Are you technical, creative, a real smart arse…. or just plain kooky?

As you look around Fiverr you will see a huge range of different talents on offer, with both the highly skilled and just for fun gigs receiving equal popularity, there is no set talent that will earn you money. The limit is literally your imagination.

There are 3 questions to consider when deciding your gig:

1. Is your idea sustainable? You need to be able to consistently deliver your product/service and therefore need a sustainable idea. You will notice a lot of gigs on Fiverr are people turning their hobbies into an income… this is a fantastic idea as you should then love to work.

2. How long will this idea take to deliver? Fiverr is a great way to make an additional income (or even a main income), but you need to think realistically about your delivery times. You don’t want to work 12 hours for $5 and kill yourself doing so! The ideal Fiverr gig will take between 10-30minutes to deliver.

4. Will you really sell your idea for $5? Your final question is not so much a matter of pride, but more a matter of commitment. To become a good seller you must be committed and always deliver on time. Do not post a gig if you feel like you can’t actually be bothered to do it!


So you’ve decided your product/service and you are ready to post your gig, right?… Wrong!

Before posting any gig, you must first look around and check out your competition.

Chances are that a similar gig to yours already exists, so you must stand out from the crowd and make yourself unique. As all prices are set at $5, it’s not a case of out-pricing your competitor; it is a case of offering a slightly different or higher quality product/service. What makes your idea the best?

If your gig is totally unique and doesn’t exist, you need to ask yourself why. Have you hit a gemstone that no one has thought of and could be the next big thing, or are you just flogging a dead horse?


You have given great thought to your gig and researched it thoroughly, now you are ready to post!

There are numerous things to pay attention to when posting a new gig:

1. How long will the gig take to deliver? Do not rush this answer. You may be tempted to say 1 day and offer customers a fast turnaround (heck we’ve all been there), but this isn’t a smart move. You need to think about your life and how much free time you have. You also need to think about what would happen if you had 5-10 orders a day, can all of them still be delivered within a 24 hour period? Over estimating this time period slightly is ok, if you deliver within 1 day but have said 2, the customer will believe you have processed their order quickly!

 2. How will you sell yourself? You have 450 characters to describe your gig and sell yourself to the user. This really isn’t a lot of space, so don’t ramble!

 3. What image will you use? You need to upload at least 1 image to your gig. This image cannot be used on any of your other gigs. It is also best if this image isn’t copyrighted (to avoid any possible obvious issues).

 4. Will you upload a video? It is proven that video gigs have a higher sales conversion, the reason why is very simple. Within the video you can easily describe your gig in detail and build a trust connection with users. You may not feel confident in front of a camera, but I recommend filming a few takes and just have fun with it.


Your gig has been submitted and is live (unless it’s under review, which should process within an hour); now let’s go find some orders.

Firstly, use Fiverr’s inbuilt sharing scripts, located on the “My Gigs” page, to share your gig on both Facebook and Twitter.

Secondly, read user requests written on the website (located to the right in a green table). If any of these are related to your gig feel free to contact them. Every time you refresh the page or perform a new loading action these user requests change, so always keep a look out!

Thirdly, start spreading the word around the internet. Offer your product/services to friends, forums and anyone who will listen! $5 is a real bargain for most things, so let people know how generous you are.


Over a small period of time you should hopefully start to see orders rolling in. When you receive 1 or 2 orders a day, it is very easy to keep on top. However, when this number starts to grow to 3-5, you need to start making a system.

The key is to develop a work pattern that works for you and around your schedule.

Here are a few top tips:

1. Set a time of the day you can work and make sure your do. No one likes late gigs and they could affect your buyer’s rating.

2. Simplify everything. Do not over complicate your thought and work processes.

3. If you are running behind or your gig works in stages, keep the buyer informed and always be polite.

4. When you deliver your gig, politely request that the buyer marks your order as complete by leaving a review and thumbs up. If they do not you need to wait 3 days for the order to automatically be marked, this is on top of the 14 day clearance period.

5. Buyers may ask for additions or extras, this is absolutely fine but never process any payments outside of Fiverr. Fiverr’s payment system protects both you and the buyer.


Every time you enter the Fiverr website I am sure you have noticed “featured” gigs and wondered how they accomplished this?

This is a lot easier than you may think. Featured gigs are usually very popular, showing possible signs of upcoming popularity or are just very unique and quirky. This is why they are selected as featured, as they are show on the homepage and high in search listings.

Fiverr staff usually manually flag unique and quirky gigs as featured, but you can request your gig to be featured on a popularity basis by contacting Fiverr’s customer support.

I would contact customer support if:

1. Your gig has over 50 feedback as standard

2. Your gig has received 20 orders (which have all been delivered) within a short period of time. E.g 3-7 days

Please note at this current time, you can actually only have one featured gig per user account.


1. Consistency is key – Keep a high success rate with no late deliveries, this will help you become a “Top Seller” (ability to sell quantities and gigs more than $5).

2. Be self indulgent – Find a lot of your customers are praising your work? Create a “Tip” gig and point your happy customers to it.

3. Set your goals – Fiverr income is a great additional income but set your goals for withdrawal so PayPal fees don’t sting you. I recommend withdrawing every 14 days.

4. Don’t be afraid to cancel orders – If a buyer is being non-responsive, aggressive, over demanding or ordered outside of your scope, don’t be afraid to cancel. It’s better to lose $5 than get a negative review.

5. Have fun! – Fiverr is a real community of real people. Get involved and have fun doing so J

Twistedweb123, aka Adam, is an online freelancer, owner of Twisted Web Solutions and long term Fiverr user; Programmer, Designer, Father and proud turtle owner

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