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YourFiverr Cribs with BanjoMan15

So here we are again with another installment of Fiverr Cribs (stay tuned, there are more to follow!)

Today, we catch up with Banjoman15, aka Chuck. Chuck stops by for a quick hello and a short insight into his work station.

Playing a vast range of characters, he has gained popularity in a range of genres, notably as a preacher – a gig featured on Fiverr.

I caught up with Chuck, and he was kind e...

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YourFiverr Cribs with ProfessorPuppet

Day 5 of YourFiverr cribs, and we are now going to see Professor Puppet behind the scenes! Professor Puppet needs very little introduction, but I’ll give it a shot anyway!

With thousands of orders under his belt, the professor is definitely the puppet face of Fiverr! His handler, Mark, has appeared on the Fiverr blog, Internet ads and even TV shows to promote himself and the work he performs exc...

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