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Holy Fiverr Batman

Holy Fiverr Batman! Is it a bird, is it a plane, is it the most overused movie quote of all time? Yes, but that’s not the point.

Over @, I was recently made the first ever Super Seller, which was pretty awesome in itself, but so was Fiverr’s gift to me! Upon checking my emails, I came across said gift and smiled as my childhood dream came true – I was turned into a super hero!


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Wild Rin Fled

Today I received another fantastic user submission, I just had to share it!

The lovely Rin (Fiverr username RinChan86) was looking for a character drawing, a Pokemon orientated drawing to be exact. She quickly came across nerobuta’s gig and purchased.

This purchase is a great example of thinking outside of the box, the seller doesn’t specify Pokemon, but her talents demonstrated she was more t...

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All right Stimpy, give the fella his five dollars

“all right Stimpy, give the fella his five dollars”

“BWAAAA HAA HAAAAA all that talking about food made me hungry… I ate the five dollars…”

Who doesn’t love Ren & Stimpy? I certainly do! I saw this on Fiverr and had to immediately purchase.

draculafetus is already a well established seller on the platform and I had the pleasure of being the first order on this gig.

You’ve heard the...

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