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YourFiverr Cribs with OldBittyGrandma

So here we are with another episode of YourFiverr Cribs. Today we have a very special treat as we catch up with the Fiverr famous OldBittyGrandma.

OldBittyGrandma, aka Jo, is everything Fiverr inspires; forum sheriff, super seller, gig promoter, friend helper, provocative actress, group runner, green screen goddess and overall great person.

Jo offers a broad range of services, from character actre...

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YourFiverr Cribs with Guitario

Today we are in the UK, home of the Queen, Rich Tea biscuits, a talking meerkat and the musical prowess of Guitario

When Guitario, aka Chris, first hit the Fiverr scene, he revolutionized the music category. His gigs were bursting with talent, professionalism and top grade video editing. Chris truly set the bar and continues to do so...

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YourFiverr Cribs with Mr_Marcus

Welcome back to YourFiverr Cribs, today we have a very special treat – a behind the scenes look at the crazy daredevil Mr_Marcus!

A professional Street performer and Entertainer, Marcus made jaws drop when he first joined Fiverr, as he offered to juggling chainsaws, knives and other dangerous things...

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YourFiverr Cribs with BanjoMan15

So here we are again with another installment of Fiverr Cribs (stay tuned, there are more to follow!)

Today, we catch up with Banjoman15, aka Chuck. Chuck stops by for a quick hello and a short insight into his work station.

Playing a vast range of characters, he has gained popularity in a range of genres, notably as a preacher – a gig featured on Fiverr.

I caught up with Chuck, and he was kind e...

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YourFiverr Cribs with ProfessorPuppet

Day 5 of YourFiverr cribs, and we are now going to see Professor Puppet behind the scenes! Professor Puppet needs very little introduction, but I’ll give it a shot anyway!

With thousands of orders under his belt, the professor is definitely the puppet face of Fiverr! His handler, Mark, has appeared on the Fiverr blog, Internet ads and even TV shows to promote himself and the work he performs exc...

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YourFiverr Cribs with Tuneman

It’s day four of YourFiverr cribs, and we’re flying cross continent again to meet up with Tuneman, a veteran seller with thousands (and I mean thousands) of positive feedback.

Tuneman, as his name suggests, dances topless offers a wide range of services based  around voice-over and video work, with his most successful gig having over 2,500 positive reviews!

I met up with Tuneman (aka Dave) t...

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YourFiverr Cribs with KymmyPops

Day 3 of cribs is a special day, it’s our first woman of the series! Today, the highly-rated Kymmypops is showing us around her super bright crib!

Kymmypops offers a range of gigs, all based around her niche (being an attractive and young woman). We have seen numerous women play on their strengths to sell gigs on Fiverr, but there is a real special quality about Kymmypops – she takes her work s...

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YourFiverr Cribs with DjEmotion

So we’ve been to India, now we’re off to Canada eh, I see it as the next logical choice. Over in Canada is where you’ll find the whacky, some may even say crazy, DJEmotion. In this video DJEmotion, or “Rob”, takes us behind-the-scenes into his specially setup Fiverr room.

I’ve featured Rob before as a dancing panda, but to pin point what he offers exactly can only be described as fun...

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FiverrCribs Launch!


YourFiverr Cribs is an exclusive behind-the-scenes series looking at the workspace and personalities of Fiverr sellers. Think MTV cribs, but for Fiverr. (Any references to MTV cribs is purely accidental, I have never heard of or seen MTV cribs, MTV cribs is purely a mixture of letters to form words and acronyms as laid out by my legal aid *cough*)

Stay tuned for th...

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