“We all know interspecies romance is weird.” ― Tim Burton


Love or Hate Tim Burton, there has always been a wide appreciation for his gothic influenced animations. From “The Nightmare before Christmas” to “Corpse Bride”, Tim has an instantly recognizable touch and style.

Today, we take a look at mrgimmickry and his Tim Burton orientated gig “I will draw a Tim Burton inspired illustration of anyone or anything”. This truly is a bargain I (my girlfriend) c...

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Don’t want to appear on Camera? Learn how you can STILL make a video

According to Fiverr statistics, having a video on your gig can increase orders by 200% – I have gigs with both videos and just images and can testify having a video certainly does make a difference.

When speaking to sellers without videos, I often here the same thing:

“I’m not comfortable on camera”
“I’m shy and cannot present myself well without stumbling and stuttering”
“I’m not confident in gi...

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CRIBS: CustomDrumLoops

I recall meeting CustomDrupLoops for the very first time, and I noticed something right away that was very special about him. He has this confidence, drive, this ambition to get his work out there. I admired him right off the bat for making that solid, positive first impression. I wanted to bring him here so that everyone can get to know him a little better.

Jo: Welcome! So today we have one of F...

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Custom Video Editing on Fiverr

Video is now the lifeblood of technology, used for advertising, home movies, promotional videos, conferences any many other things. Users are much more inclined to participate in content including a video. Why read about or look at photos when you can be captivated by a video?

With video being so popular, everyone wants one – but not everyone can edit, cut, chop, crop and add effects (yet of cours...

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Bethan Interview – Fiverr’s Own Chiquita and Beyond


Jo: Bethan!! Fiverr’s banana girl!! So nice to finally have a sit down with you. I see you EVERYWHERE!! Of course on Fiverr, but also Fiverr ads, on your YouTube channel, and I hear that your acting has been taking you other places too. I would love to hear more about that!

Bethan: Well, I’m Bethan...

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Upsell your Tips

By now, every seller should have a “tip” gig, allowing buyers to pay extra for the work you have completed. Most sellers undersell themselves on Fiverr, with their work production usually being a fraction of the normal market value...

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tn5rr2012 Interview – Inspiration from our Ancestry

Jo: We all have our own back-story, but what’s yours tn5rr2012…How did you discover Fiverr?

tn5rr2012: It was late 2011 and I am sure I heard about Fiverr from some news source but really don’t remember which one. I had always been looking for a way to make money online and always ran into websites that weren’t legitimate or the payout was pennies on the dollar.

I scrutinized Fiverrs website and r...

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Submit your Classified Ad to 975 Cities

Do you have or need a classified Ad? Are you struggling for conversions and places to publish it? Craigslist used to be one of the best places for classifieds, but is now constantly being bogged down by spam. beyslist1 now has the answer in the form of his top selling gig.

I will submit your Classified Ad to 975 Cities on our Classified Ad site for $5

This Fiverr gig offers a fantastic opportunity...

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Track your Upsell Progress

Since Fiverr’s launch, the platform has grown exponentially. Initially accepting orders of just $5, you are now able to upsell via extras to the value of $505 ($5 minimum order, 4x$100 gig extras and $100 rush).

As you can imagine, this has majorly increased the potential of your orders and really provides the ability to upsell, stripping back the initial $5 gig to a more realistic value.

As this ...

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Lose 15 pounds in 30 days!

There is a new niche hitting the Fiverr platform – weight loss. As you can imagine, just after Christmas, this niche is carrying a heavy weight (no pun intended!).

So, what sort of offerings are within this niche on Fiverr? I have highlighted this specific gig from VerasFitness, detailing how to lose up to 15 pounds in 30 days.

Why this gig? There are numerous reasons behind my selection:


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