How to SEO your gig from the start

When creating a gig, the first title of that gig is used to generate the permanent URL. For example, if you create “I will design an awesome high quality logo for $5″, your URL will be:

Now, why you think this is OK, it can be majorly improved upon to improve SEO, marketability and other aspects.

When finding results to list in searches, Google and other search engines take the URL information into account. The more optimised or ‘on point’ this URL is, the better. From the URL structure above, words such as “an”, “awesome” etc are just filler and taking away from the density of the true keywords – ‘design’ and ‘logo’.

Due to this, when you first create your gig, you want to focus on these keywords as much as possible. To do this, I recommend creating a gig with the most basic way to push your keywords.

So, for example, create ‘I will logo design for $5′. This will create:

This is far better for SEO and marketability. This URL is short, easy to remember, share and write on print media. This also fixes another issue which users come across when updating a gig, they change ‘amounts’ but the URL never changes. For example, I’ve seen people offer to design 5 logo for $5, but then reduce this down when they have feedback to 3 logo. This means the title of your gig now says 3 logos but the URL still says 5 – that’s just plain confusing.

Now, you may think “I will logo design for $5″ sounds rubbish to users as they view your gig, and you’re right. After your gig has been accepted/approved, you then go ahead and amend the title to be the one you wish to attract users. For example “I will design an awesome high quality logo for $5″.

The end result?

Your URL in search engines is optimised as:

Your Gig title is optimised for users: “I will design an awesome high quality logo for $5″

If you have a relevant username, you could even have a better URL structure. example, imagine your username is ‘graphic-design’, your URL would be:

See how awesome that looks? Due to Fiverr’s high ranking, you won’t just rank well for user’s Googling Fiverr, you will rank better for other terms as well. – See more at:

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