Hit a Rough Patch?

So you stepped on someones toes, did you? No? Oh I see, you forgot someone’s birthday…yeah, now I remember. Oh wait, now that you think of it, it HAS been quite some time since they PM’ed you. Hmm..wonder what’s up??

I have felt all these emotions and more, and when I do, I try to get my creative juices flowing in an effort to initiate contact with my cyber buddy…but I am not always THAT creative…

Discover Fiverr, or re-discover it.

I was in a jam with one of my friends. Yup. I screwed up with my Fiverr buddy Haleylujah. Our friendship meant and still means a lot to me. So I bought a few gigs, and threw it all together for a pretty decent representation, expression if you will, of my friendship with her…and you can too! Only on Fiverr.com

Created for http://fiverr.com/haleylujah
Music & Performance: http://fiverr.com/laserlife
Artist Rendering: http://fiverr.com/breka27
Lyrics & Video Editing: http://fiverr.com/oldbittygrandma

Jo OldBittyGrandma

OldBittyGrandma, aka Jo, is an IMDb listed actor, writer, a highly skilled Fiverr video professional and a wife, mom, and owner of 2 dogs.

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2 comments to Hit a Rough Patch?

  • Haleylujah  says:

    Love you Jo! haha

    • oldbittygrandma  says:

      Love you too baby girl!! :)

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