Get the squirrels nuts about your message

One word. Squirrels. Yes, Squirrels. Over the years we have highlighted a lot of different gigs and services on this website but we have never seen a Fiverr gig quite like this.

When you first glance at mudpuddlefarms’ gig, you see a message written in peanuts and think that’s pretty different in itself; you’d be right in thinking this. Your message is laid out in peanuts and than photographed in an outside setting, pretty unique right? Well, it gets so much more unique.

Squirrels. Yes, once again. Squirrels.

Not only is your message laid out and photographed outside, it involves the wonderful rodents of the tree, everyone’s favorite nut-storer extraordinaire, the adorably awesome and awesomely adorable squirrel!

mudpuddlefarms - FO7331118E43

Fiverr hosts a lot of animal based ‘message’ gigs but they all have one continuous theme; all animals used are pets or animals which are usually kept as pets. This is what makes mudpuddlefarms’ gig so unique. Squirrels are not pets and the chances of you ever being able to replicate this service or find it elsewhere are very slim.

This gig and the delivered photos have so many possibilities. To name a few:
1. To be used for advertising campaigns, whether offline or online
2. To be used for engaging and unique social media marketing content
3. To be used for holiday cards or postcards
4. Purchased as an unusual gift or message for friends, family members or work colleagues
5. Low cost custom stock photography

There really are so many possibilities. Everyone should own a photo of their message being eaten and played with by squirrels, I’m pretty sure that’s the law*

* it must be somewhere, right? I’m looking at your Canada

Twistedweb123, aka Adam, is an online freelancer, owner of Twisted Web Solutions and long term Fiverr user; Programmer, Designer, Father and proud turtle owner

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