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It’s not often you have the chance to ask a genius a question and receive a full and enlightening answer. We came across that chance when finding jsousa’s gig on Fiverr.

jsousa allows us to ask him one question, on anything. Any question from any subject, limited only by our own thoughts. We jumped at the chance and swiftly ordered.

Before I get to our question and his answer, you may be asking yourself, what can I use this service for? Well, there are many ways you can utilize this service. To give you an idea, you can use this service for business advice, law advice, personal gain/advice, essay help, school advice/help, factual knowledge, life skills, logic, math – anything. We chose to pose an essay-type topic to Jordan, hoping to receiving the negative and positive elements – and that’s exactly what he delivered!

Our question

Given the phenomenal expansion of freelancing and outsourcing over recent years, do you believe the theory of reducing wars, cultural differences, stereotypes & other ill-based actions through increasing international work partnerships is actually a legitimate foresight to acknowledge?

His Answer

You pose a difficult question, and although there are many advantages to working foryourself, there is a substantial downside in what I have termed the TechnologicalRevolution.

Three main problems arise:
1. Competition with workers especially those in less expensive jurisdictions
2. Reluctance to pay for necessary taxes, and social services such as health insuranceto keep a freelancers’ costs down.
3. Setting one price often results in poor value, many items on Fiverr when delivered remind you that $5 is not a lot of money.


Far from being optimistic, I am pessimistic about the nature of competition and I see this actually leading to conflict, exacerbating cultural differences etc, as I do not see any tangible partnership other than the one you and I formed in attempt to get ahead on Fiverr; the ultimate expression of Capitalist Individualism. I believe socialist principles will best complete the problems you enquired about.

I recommend reading:

If we look back to prior revolutions we can see that it takes a long time, and many accidents for the legal system and the workers to catch up. I would expect a Fiverr union for grievances would form, that health insurance for freelancers come out of your taxes or Fiverr (as the actors’ unions do), that freelancers be made to pay taxes etc. What if even your computer breaks and you can’t work? What about me we don’t have income tax in Bermuda? But even if Obama passes more healthcare laws isn’t the Fiverr user in Canada or England better off than you in the USA with their extensive social welfare? Isn’t it cheaper for them to avoid taxes, operate and live
better? Isn’t the user in Sri Lanka better off than you for whom Fiverr should be Onehundreder? He now has access to an American job free from immigration laws, and the expense of living in America or buying American goods pumping his dollars back into the American economy. This money now goes overseas, it leaves the system. It’s like you burning your $5 if you continually did that, the economy would collapse.

This revolution is better for consumers than for workers in general unless a system is put in place to unionize Fiverr and establish fair pay for fair work. Rather Fiverr has set a limit of $5 prompting people to reduce service to a level to match when I might prefer to pay $10 for someone or something better.

In short, the legal and regulatory systems must catch up. Fiverr simply operates a marketing, ordering, and payment gateway for freelancers. I do not buy this concept as revolutionary per se, however the more people are encouraged to work for themselves and not for others in a medium essentially free from government control and yet at the same time in different economies with the unfairness that that entails the more I see this leading to turmoil in the short-term.

In the long-term however I would hope that all workplaces turn into a Fiverr like concept where my boss or my client tasks me with a request that I have so long to complete and a pre-agreed rate no matter where I am, and that the cheapest work goes to that person in a jurisdiction whose laws and economy allow him to be cheaper. I focus on doing the work I enjoy, with the advantages I enjoy, to get the most money for or in my jurisdiction. This economic concept is called specialization.

To succeed we should do what we are best at, and trade with other people (who are the best at what they do) for the rest of the goods and services we need. You can look to the effects of specialization in NAFTA and how Detroit is now a ghost town with all those jobs going to Canada, and Mexico. If we however moved to a socialist system all the economics change again however Fiverr would still have a good place without capitalism or its principles. In socialism for example the state could request all its issues as gigs and rely on the community to fill them. I see the Technological Revolution as finally enabling socialism, making it effective, and affordable. That could reduce a lot of conflict.

I hope that answers your question, I could speak on the subject for sometime as it is extraordinarily complex but I believe I have addressed the main issues and would advise that you look backwards to the industrial revolution with regard to worker problems in order to approximate the future unless you wanted to be avant garde and advocate for socialism.

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Twistedweb123, aka Adam, is an online freelancer, owner of Twisted Web Solutions and long term Fiverr user; Programmer, Designer, Father and proud turtle owner

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