Don’t want to appear on Camera? Learn how you can STILL make a video

According to Fiverr statistics, having a video on your gig can increase orders by 200% – I have gigs with both videos and just images and can testify having a video certainly does make a difference.

When speaking to sellers without videos, I often here the same thing:

“I’m not comfortable on camera”
“I’m shy and cannot present myself well without stumbling and stuttering”
“I’m not confident in giving my gig the best representation through me”

These points are understandable, but creating a video for your gig, does not need to involve yourself on film. I won’t lie, a video including you will generate more orders, as you create a personal connection on camera; something which is highly sought after in modern web spending.

BUT there are alternatives. To name a few:

1. Create a video slideshow/presentation. Highlighting the main points of your gig (and extras). Couple this with good music, and you’re on to a winner. You can actually buy presentation videos and royalty free music on Fiverr. EXAMPLE VIDEO:

2. Create the slideshow as mentioned above, but instead of music, record a voiceover talking through your main points shown within the video. With a voiceover, you are still achieving a personal connection with your potential buyer. Can’t match up the audio to video? There’s a gig for that. Haven’t got the equipment to voice record? There’s many Fiverr voiceover sellers who’d be happy for you to order from them. EXAMPLE VIDEO:

3. Create a screen cast video. This basically involves recording your computer screen – you can record yourself performing the service (such as drawing, video editing, sound mixing, posting reviews – anything you can do on the computer). There are numerous free programs available to do this: If your gig doesn’t involves the computer, you can simply record a video of your Gig here on Fiverr (this could be the page itself as you scroll through and highlight points, or it could be you going through the Fiverr site and finding your service via search etc)

When you have this screen cast video, add music, a voiceover or both (as above).


4. Create a video showcasing your work samples. Although you are not introducing your service or yourself, you are showing demonstrations – this was very popular before live portfolio came into place. A lot of sellers now just rely on LP to showcase their work. Trouble is, if you are a new seller, even though you have a live portfolio, it’s empty. You should still be showcasing examples until you have a decent LP

EXAMPLE VIDEO (without self recording at beginning):

There are a few things to remember when making a video:
1. Try not to use copyright music. I’ve seen people use AC/DC to sell their service – this actually looks bad, as the copyright aspect is VERY obvious and the buyer will be put off. As I say, you can easily pay for royalty free music on Fiverr

2. Do not hire someone on Fiverr to appear on video for you. I have seen examples of testimonial actors being hired to introduce other peoples gigs – Fiverr doesn’t like this, and it makes you look bad.

3. After you’ve uploaded the video to Fiverr, use it as part of your marketing campaign – Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Forums etc

Twistedweb123, aka Adam, is an online freelancer, owner of Twisted Web Solutions and long term Fiverr user; Programmer, Designer, Father and proud turtle owner

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