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Welcome back to YourFiverr Cribs, today we have a very special treat – a behind the scenes look at the crazy daredevil Mr_Marcus!

A professional Street performer and Entertainer, Marcus made jaws drop when he first joined Fiverr, as he offered to juggling chainsaws, knives and other dangerous things. He quickly grew in popularity and notoriety, and has definitely bought a new “edge” to what Fiverr sellers can offer.

Today we catch up with him in his home:

Marcus was also kind enough to answer a few of our questions:

1. What’s your name and where are you from?
Hi there, I’m Marcus – born in Munich, grew up in New Jersey, left when I was 20 to travel the world. been living in Salzburg for 12 years now.

2. When did you join Fiverr?

I joined Last year, in about November.

3. What the first gig you sold, and is it still active today?

My first gig was the chainsaw and it is still active today (just more expensive lol)

4. You certainly have a danger-filled gig, have there been any accidents whilst recording?

No accidents thankfully (I am actually, really a professional lol)

5. Has Fiverr influenced any other aspect of your life?

bought several video gigs as presents for friends, used marketing tools to promote my videos / book / and juggling set, and have gotten my 11 year old son into fiverr (he has his own video gig and has sold several gigs)

Thanks for chatting with us, good luck for the future Marcus!

Twistedweb123, aka Adam, is an online freelancer, owner of Twisted Web Solutions and long term Fiverr user; Programmer, Designer, Father and proud turtle owner

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