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I recall meeting CustomDrupLoops for the very first time, and I noticed something right away that was very special about him. He has this confidence, drive, this ambition to get his work out there. I admired him right off the bat for making that solid, positive first impression. I wanted to bring him here so that everyone can get to know him a little better.

Jo: Welcome! So today we have one of Fiverr’s resident musicians on hand, CustomDrumLoops, aka Ryan. Most definitely a talented musician, singer, and songwriter…Oh, there is no doubt about that, but first, I want to dive into this wonderful slice, of his locale, that he shared with us on the YourFiverr CRIBS video.

Ryan, Where is this paradise in which you reside, and be careful, don’t be to specific, as this old bitty might ask to borrow your couch!

Ryan: This paradise is Newport Beach, California. Old Bitty’s are always welcome on my couch…

Jo: Aww… thank you Ryan. Would adore accepting that invitation. Are you sure though, you would have room?? I mean, look at that extensive collection of instruments. It is obvious you are very serious about what you do!

Ryan: I am. Definitely!

Jo: Ok, let’s get into your Fiverr experience. When and how did you discover Fiverr?

Ryan: My brother Dennis told me about Fiverr in March 2012. He showed me some logo’s he’d ordered and encouraged me to try and sell some music on there. He frequently tells he should get percentage of my earnings for introducing me to Fiverr.

I joined Fiverr and set up my first gig offering a “custom drum loop for $5.” My first gig sold exactly zero times but the name stuck and once I started offering songs and jingles my sales steadily increased.

Jo: You have to start somewhere, right? lol… Beyond the music though, has had owning your own Fiverr business brought out any hidden talents you never knew you had?

Ryan: Speed! My first 3-4 months on Fiverr I offered 24 hour delivery on every gig I had. This is when I was still working a 9-5 so it occasionally got a little crazy. I still pride myself on delivering a quality product in as little time as possible.

The longer I have been on Fiverr, the better I have gotten at time management due to cranking orders quickly and efficiently.

Jo: Yes, from my experience, being fast, does tend to bring more orders your way, so yes, that’s great you have been able to time-manage effectively.

You know, as a highly creative individual, I mean, everything you do involves you getting creative, right? …but let me ask, what type of Fiverr gig would you love to be able to do that is outside your niche? Any thoughts on that?

Ryan: Hmm…I wish I knew more about programming and SEO so I could offer some of those gigs. Based on some of the hilarious requests I get for songs, I would love to do some sort of video gig…maybe rant as a hippie…

However I must say I’m much more comfortable behind a microphone than a camera!

Jo: LOL…A hippie gig? LOL… by all means, I think surely there is enough traffic to go around!! I’ve been thinking of taking drum lessons myself!! lol… Ok, onto something more serious Ryan…How has Fiverr helped with your professional development?

Ryan: Fiverr has helped with my professional development by giving me the financial freedom to pursue exactly what I want to do. Last July I moved from Boston (where I went to college and lived the last 8 years) back to California. It gave me the freedom to open up my own music school (shameless plug: which is something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve always tried to roll with the punches, career wise, and Fiverr was definitely a great punch to get hit by!

Fiverr helped me escape 9-5 rat race! I now have mornings to focus on growing my Fiverr business and afternoons and evenings to focus on growing my music school. It’s so nice to have your passion as your job(s).

Jo: Wow! …and a music school too? Amazing what you have created there… Yes, I am all bout shameless plugs… Hmmm… …very slick website Ryan! I look back to a time where as a kid, I took guitar lessons at the local music store. Lugging my guitar a mile into town. It’s amazing the technology we have now, and with skype guitar instruction, you make it so easy! Excellent!!

Hey Ryan, before we go, I have to ask, do you have any plans for new gigs?

Ryan: I recently added video scribing/whiteboard video as gig extras on all of my gigs. If I do offer something new in the future it will probably be based off of that. I’m always trying to find a new way to improve my current gigs. I think that is just as important as coming up with a brand new one.

Jo: Oh yes! I saw that whiteboard video you shared last week on facebook! When I shared it, I mistakenly thought you had only created the jingle, and when you posted that you had created the entire video, I was amazed. Really great things you have going on! You are definitely branching out, growing and expanding your Fiverr business. Well done Ryan!! :)

Jo OldBittyGrandma

OldBittyGrandma, aka Jo, is an IMDb listed actor, writer, a highly skilled Fiverr video professional and a wife, mom, and owner of 2 dogs.

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