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How to SEO your gig from the start

When creating a gig, the first title of that gig is used to generate the permanent URL. For example, if you create “I will design an awesome high quality logo for $5″, your URL will be:

Now, why you think this is OK, it can be majorly improved upon to improve SEO, marketability and other aspects.

When finding results to list in searches...

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Don’t want to appear on Camera? Learn how you can STILL make a video

According to Fiverr statistics, having a video on your gig can increase orders by 200% – I have gigs with both videos and just images and can testify having a video certainly does make a difference.

When speaking to sellers without videos, I often here the same thing:

“I’m not comfortable on camera”
“I’m shy and cannot present myself well without stumbling and stuttering”
“I’m not confident in gi...

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Upsell your Tips

By now, every seller should have a “tip” gig, allowing buyers to pay extra for the work you have completed. Most sellers undersell themselves on Fiverr, with their work production usually being a fraction of the normal market value...

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Track your Upsell Progress

Since Fiverr’s launch, the platform has grown exponentially. Initially accepting orders of just $5, you are now able to upsell via extras to the value of $505 ($5 minimum order, 4x$100 gig extras and $100 rush).

As you can imagine, this has majorly increased the potential of your orders and really provides the ability to upsell, stripping back the initial $5 gig to a more realistic value.

As this ...

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How to Market your Gigs on Pinterest


So before I start, what is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies, and more. Users can browse other pinboards for inspiration, ‘re-pin’ images to their own collections or ‘like’ photos...

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Create a Sales Page for Your Gig *PART ONE*


Now, before we go on, I know what you are thinking; “We are not allowed to sell away from Fiverr”, in some respects, this is true, but only if you are doing it incorrectly.

There is nothing wrong, infact it is applauded, in marketing yourself away from the Fiverr system, but ultimately bringing the transaction onto the platform.

Before I go into details, there are just a few rules to be Fiverr co...

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The Fiverr cheat sheet *MUST READ*


The topic I will be covering today is:

“How to Fiverr” – a 6 point descriptive overview detailing how to become successful on the selling platform.


Ok, so first things first, what do you have to offer? Are you technical, creative, a real smart arse…. or just plain kooky?

As you look around Fiverr you will see a huge range of different talents on offer...

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When starting/listing a new gig, make sure to take full advantage of the initial exposure. To create a snowball effect and increase the chance of your gig still being popular, lower your delivery time and rack up that crucial positive feedback quickly!

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To increase your “extra” purchases, give them names. These names will help to create a package (or bundle) type persona. Once this persona is established, buyers will be psychologically prompted to upgrade.

Want to add stars to your package name? (as seen in the above photo). Simply copy them from below.


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As a seller, never under-value yourself. Make sure you create a tip gig and link to it regularly when delivering. When creating the tip gig, do not request any buyer instructions and it will instantly open when ordered. Enjoy!

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