Bethan Interview – Fiverr’s Own Chiquita and Beyond


Jo: Bethan!! Fiverr’s banana girl!! So nice to finally have a sit down with you. I see you EVERYWHERE!! Of course on Fiverr, but also Fiverr ads, on your YouTube channel, and I hear that your acting has been taking you other places too. I would love to hear more about that!

Bethan: Well, I’m Bethan. I’m 21! I’m doing a one year art course at uni at the moment, just collecting more skills to add to my acting, and of course Fiverr! I get a lot of people telling me that they’ve seen my banana face on ads all over the internet, and every time I hear it, it still doesn’t sink in haha. As for YouTube, I LOVE IT. I love just setting a camera up and talking a load of rubbish to it, which is why I think Fiverr may be the best job for me EVER.

Jo: What an uplifting answer!! Wonderful!! Hey, taking a step back here for a moment, how did you come to learn about Fiverr and how has Fiverr helped with your professional development??

Bethan: Well, (I know this is most peoples answers), but good old Sam Cornwell got me into it. And I just never looked back. I owe him so much. Because through Fiverr, it’s helped me get noticed more, and taking me to places I’d never thought I’d be at in a million years.

Jo: What a great back story Bethan! Yes, Sam has figured prominently into the success of many Fiverr sellers, Such an awesome man! …and YOU! You’ve applied yourself so very well, but let me ask, what type of Fiverr gig would you love to be able to do that is outside your niche?

Bethan: I love animation. And that’s why I’m doing this one year art course, just to advance my skills in animation. So some day, you might see a ‘I will make you a little animation produced by the amazing Bethan for $5’. Haha!


Jo: That’s would be cool! Changing gears here…I know many of us get them, but I always like to ask, what is the weirdest request you have ever had from a buyer?

Bethan: Well I’ve had A LOT (mostly to show my boobs haha) but I’ve had one where he wanted me to tell his girlfriend that he had chlamydia IN MY BANANA COSTUME. That was awfully weird haha.

Jo: HAHA Weird indeed!! You know, an interview with you Bethan, would not be complete without mentioning your YouTube channel, BethanEggwards. I AM a subscriber, I adore your videos, and it’s sounds like you get a lot of responses from you audience. How is that coming along for you?

Bethan: Well it’s hard to get people to do more than just watch your videos and I’m working on that. But any responses I do get, I’m so grateful for. I love every single one of my subscribers. And today I hit 1900 subscribers! That’s only 998,100 until a million!

Jo: Ahh…so your perception is the glass is half full…right on!! Hey, I need to wrap this up here, but one last thing. Do you have any advice for a new Fiverr seller to be successful…any good tips?

Bethan: Honestly, the only thing I can say is to love what you’re doing. You won’t want to sit down and do your gigs if you don’t enjoy what you do!

Jo: So true. Listen, thank you so much for sitting down with us today Bethan! I am so glad we and the audience here got to know you better. Your story is inspiring. Thank you!!

Jo OldBittyGrandma

OldBittyGrandma, aka Jo, is an IMDb listed actor, writer, a highly skilled Fiverr video professional and a wife, mom, and owner of 2 dogs.

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