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Automatic monetization – sounds like the perfect dream, right? Well, for many it is. Setting up a website and having the content bring a residual income for little to no additional work. Whilst this is the dream for many, it is the reality for few.

Why is it the reality for few? Simple – many people go to the effort of buying the domain, paying for the hosting (usually at least a year in advance), setting up the website and producing the content – then they sit back and wait for the money to roll in. This is where the first major mistake is made. The money doesn’t just roll in, the content doesn’t instantly become noticed and it isn’t valuable from the second it is posted. Further work is needed; marketing is needed. Often, the idea of paying for marketing when you are trying to market yourself seems absurd – people often wonder why they would pay a marketer when they consider themselves to already be one. The truth is harsh but simple, unless your website is as successful as you think it should be, you’ve got room for some more marketing expertise and help.

This is where Fiverr comes in. coronoro will write and send you a full internet marketing plan. This plan will teach you the core ingredients to successfully market online. This plan contains 5 key areas:

1) Market Research Plan (Teach you how to determine if your niche is profitable)

2) Outreach Plan (Methods for gathering relevant traffic)

3) Nurture (Teach you how to cultivate your customers for further sales)

4) Product Plan (Teach you how to gather relevant products to sell to your audience)

5) Personal recommendations specific to you. This section will be specifically tailored to your situation.

For $5 and a full money-back guarantee, what have you got to lose? I guarantee, the second you receive your marketing plan, you will be astounded by the information being given away for the price of a coffee.

What’s also great about this gig is the fact it teaches you what to do, as opposed to just doing it for you. You can’t put a price on learning. Give a man a fish, he will feed for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will feed for a lifetime.

Twistedweb123, aka Adam, is an online freelancer, owner of Twisted Web Solutions and long term Fiverr user; Programmer, Designer, Father and proud turtle owner

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