A Psychic CLENSE to Solve Your Problems


Do you find yourself swamped by your problems?

Do you need advice on what decision to make right now in your life? Do you need to know the root of the problem you’re presently experiencing? Do you want to live your life to the fullest?

Physic power has been known to be therapeutic and has helped millions of people regain control of their lives. As a professional psychic, it’s superguy’s aim ...

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Custom Weebly website design for your business

jshrade Weebly website design on Fiverr

If you’re looking for a professional Weebly web design, jshrade is the perfect Fiverr seller for you! With multiple years experience running his own website design company (Rhino Hide Web Design) and a full money back guarantee, jshrade is the perfect candidate for your new website. Simply send the content and your “vision” and jshrade will design, build, and deliver a beautiful website to you! A...

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Want to add some extra marketing power to your brand or business?


Need a professional look for your company?

You’re in the right place! jazzel70 has the perfect gig for you!

The innate power of a well-designed, professional brand design is self-evident! After all, a company’s logotype is many times the first thing your customers will notice about your business...

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Learn the magic to finding the PERFECT keywords for your website

When you think of SEO targeting your online marketing campaigns, you really need to find the best words to target your business. Keyword research is the magic word behind it! If you use the right ones, Google will be your friend. Using the “wrong” or “bad” will not only cost your time, but also a lot of money! The good news: this is preventable! Marcusti has the gig for you.


What you’ll receive f...

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Promote Your Book To Targeted Traffic

With so many platforms now available to sell your work online (i.e. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, iTunes…) writing and self publishing your own book has never been so popular. These marketplaces really help you to take control of your own authorship and come away from traditional publishing formats.

However, whilst there is the plus side in doing this, there are also some pitfalls along the ...

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Professional voice talent, from $5

In modern times, information is no longer digested from just being written down. In an advancing world with fast paced lifestyles, the majority of people are looking to digest as much information in the shortest time possible whilst being engaged and captivated.

Whenever you are trying to captivate or attract an audience, resources such as voice overs are key...

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Hot iPhone Cases, shipped to you from $5

It’s not highlighted as much but Fiverr isn’t just a marketplace for services, it’s also a marketplace for physical items and goods.

With Fiverr available in multiple countries and cultures, you can be sure to find a bit of anything and everything whilst also grabbing a bargain!

Take advantage of import products to find yourself a true steal...

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Limited Edition Bill State Art from only $5

Thomas Stebbins, a world renown money artist who apprenticed under the famous J.S.G. Boggs, has just released his U.S. States Collection exclusively on Fiverr. Approved by the highest levels of the U.S. Secret Service, this world class artwork was hand-crafted to perfection.

The collection has been hand-crafted for states of the U.S. with 10 currently available, all from just $5...

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Two modern logo designs for just $5!

Your business branding is key and your logo design plays a huge part of that.

If I were to tell you that you could have a professional logo designed for $5, you would probably think that was a bargain. If I were to tell you that you could have TWO designs for just $5 you probably wouldn’t believe me!

Well, it’s true. For just $5, JasmineSarah will create two professional concepts, based on your id...

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Improve your profitability and GROW your business

In the modern world of business whether you are a tech-startup or a local deli, whether you are based online or have an offline premises, growth can be difficult and hard to achieve. Ever since the economic crash you cannot seemingly go a day without hearing the phrase “in this economy?”. In this economy, businesses have had it a lot tougher...

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