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$5 Internet Marketing Plan

Automatic monetization – sounds like the perfect dream, right? Well, for many it is. Setting up a website and having the content bring a residual income for little to no additional work. Whilst this is the dream for many, it is the reality for few.

Why is it the reality for few? Simple – many people go to the effort of buying the domain, paying for the hosting (usually at least a year in advance),...

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Create a Sales Page for Your Gig *PART ONE*


Now, before we go on, I know what you are thinking; “We are not allowed to sell away from Fiverr”, in some respects, this is true, but only if you are doing it incorrectly.

There is nothing wrong, infact it is applauded, in marketing yourself away from the Fiverr system, but ultimately bringing the transaction onto the platform.

Before I go into details, there are just a few rules to be Fiverr co...

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