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YourFiverr Cribs with DjEmotion

So we’ve been to India, now we’re off to Canada eh, I see it as the next logical choice. Over in Canada is where you’ll find the whacky, some may even say crazy, DJEmotion. In this video DJEmotion, or “Rob”, takes us behind-the-scenes into his specially setup Fiverr room.

I’ve featured Rob before as a dancing panda, but to pin point what he offers exactly can only be described as fun...

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Panda Loving

The news is usually all doom and gloom, crooked politicians, terrorists and weirdly attractive anchorwomen.

But finally, a story that inspired me, young Yang Guang trying to get his freak on with the mysterious Tian Tian.

The two day “open” period has now ended and our boy Yang couldn’t romance or ravish the unobtainable sex symbol.

Looks like the only way now is IVF...

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