It’s a leap year

It’s that special time again that only comes once every 4 years, Yes ladies and gentlemen, it’s a leap year!

What makes this day so special?… Well, women are allowed to propose to men (because of course, normally they must sit and home sewing and cooking waiting for Prince Charming.

Look what popped up on my Fiverr acccount; the lovely Bethan (Queen of the Banana) asking that bold question ...

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All right Stimpy, give the fella his five dollars

“all right Stimpy, give the fella his five dollars”

“BWAAAA HAA HAAAAA all that talking about food made me hungry… I ate the five dollars…”

Who doesn’t love Ren & Stimpy? I certainly do! I saw this on Fiverr and had to immediately purchase.

draculafetus is already a well established seller on the platform and I had the pleasure of being the first order on this gig.

You’ve heard the...

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Fiverr Sheep, drop me a beat!

*turns cap sideways*

In West Philadelphia born and raised. On the playground is where I spent most of my days. Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’… That’s enough of that, I’m more Wrapping paper than star.

But that’s not the case for rapper_man. For just $5, he will not only write a rap, but he’ll record himself performing it too!

I placed the order and received this great audio file back...

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MadPad, errrr madness?

This article has taken me an age to write… why? I just can’t stop listening! Probably the catchiest thing since peanut butter jelly time

stephan_87 will create this funky video using your words and his MadPad I-phone app (there really is an app for everything!).

This gig is a prime example of using readily available technology and customising it for business marketing; the possibilities of f...

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Dam it’s a beaver! (see what I did there?)

Another great thing about Fiverr; not everything is digital. There are thousands of great sellers (mostly creative and handcraft orientated) that will make and send a physical product.


breathlessbloom is one of these sellers...

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I stubbed my toe… and thought I was Heather Mills!

Everyone thinks they’re the next best artist or visionary right? Hell, I stubbed my toe the other day and thought I was Heather Mills!

After a sit down, a cuppa and a panicked phone call to the national health emergency helpline, I realised my judgement was misplaced. However, not everybody’s is!

There’s been a recent uproar on Fiverr over all the Picasso styled art, is it bad? is it good? is...

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How much does a polar bear weigh?

… Enough to break the ice!

When creating videos or presentations, we need to break the ice and introduce ourselves. No one likes a long overdrawn introduction explaining yourself that goes on and on and on and on and on….. (see what I did there?) and apparently no one likes my ice breaking jokes either.

So what’s the solution? How about a custom video title/introduction using your own logo ...

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“Old skool” tattoos and illustration

This has just been submitted to me by the lovely Jo who was itching (not literally we hope) to tell me about one of her new favourite sellers Pidge121.

Pidge121 will draw anything for a tattoo design or illustration, up to an A4 size, in her “old skool” style. Jo submitted her image as part of her viral marketing promotion and couldn’t be happier with the results.

I have it on good authori...

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TofuPanda hits the Fiverr scene

The great thing about Fiverr is the true talent and unique products and services offered within.

One of those great talents is Tofu Panda.

For just $5, she will take your photo and recreate it in her own style, adding words and slogans.

This is one of my favourite gigs, (an opinion shared by numerous other Fiverr sellers as seen in the images above) and hits many desired buying points; company br...

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Smashing video intro

There are a lot of video introductions available on Fiverr, but this one really caught my eye.

Why you ask?

1. It’s short and to the point; most others are too longer and not practical.

2. Unlike others I have seen, this isn’t a premade template brought onto fiverr for customisation.

3. The glass break in this video is actually real and taken from a real life film the seller owns.

I sent him...

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