Behind the scenes with KymmyPops

It’s that time again – Exclusive Content!

The lovely kymmypops stopped by to deliver this blooper reel shot from her nerd based gig – full of Mr Bear and herself.

kymmypops has been on Fiverr for less than a year, but is already a top rated seller with numerous popular gigs and a great flow of orders.

This is cuteness personified, I dare you not to laugh when watching!

For even more information...

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As a seller, never under-value yourself. Make sure you create a tip gig and link to it regularly when delivering. When creating the tip gig, do not request any buyer instructions and it will instantly open when ordered. Enjoy!

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Roy Lichtenstein reborn?

Roy Lichtenstein was a prominent artistic force rising to fame in the 60’s, sadly, he is no longer with us, but his work and influences still live on today (like any great artist).

Now, for just $5, you can now get your own Lichtenstein inspired art directly from makemebark. Simply send a photo of yourself and become portrayed in this timeless and hire revered style.

There are so many possibil...

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Help I need somebody!

Help, I need somebody! Help, not just anybody! Oh wait, look who’s back! We loved Dave and T’s (who form amazingrightnow) video so much, they offered to record another for YourFiverr.

Still rocking it strong with the Beatles parodies, you can order their gig now!

Whether it’s for business or personal purposes, they have you covered...

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Luigi’s had his plumbing fixed

Well it’s been a while since I blogged, and the main reason (if you haven’t heard yet) is that I’m pregnant (not literally, but that seems to have become a weirdly common phrase amongst expecting spouses).

So, I need something to celebrate this fact, and what better way than every child’s fondest memory – MARIO!

I saw apt1982’s gig and just had to order...

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Bean there done that

Bean there, done that!

It’s a sad sad day today, MrEvilHairDay has said goodbye to Fiverr due to life commitments, but not before I finally got the chance to sample his gig.

Brendan came onto the platform and really showed us how it is done with one of the best video presentations Fiverr has seen (see video).

Quickly amassing hundreds of orders and turning everything from everyday people, cele...

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Wild Rin Fled

Today I received another fantastic user submission, I just had to share it!

The lovely Rin (Fiverr username RinChan86) was looking for a character drawing, a Pokemon orientated drawing to be exact. She quickly came across nerobuta’s gig and purchased.

This purchase is a great example of thinking outside of the box, the seller doesn’t specify Pokemon, but her talents demonstrated she was more t...

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Panda Loving

The news is usually all doom and gloom, crooked politicians, terrorists and weirdly attractive anchorwomen.

But finally, a story that inspired me, young Yang Guang trying to get his freak on with the mysterious Tian Tian.

The two day “open” period has now ended and our boy Yang couldn’t romance or ravish the unobtainable sex symbol.

Looks like the only way now is IVF...

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Bore da my fivelings!

Bore da my fivelings!

How are we on this fine day? Thanks to this video, I’m pretty fantastic. For those of you who don’t know, there’s a big rugby tournament going on at the moment (the six nations) and ending this weekend with Wales one of the favourites to walk away winners.

How should I show my support and gear up for the game? I know, lets hire a Welshman (surprisingly Fiverr is full o...

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Let it be Bethan

Well here it is, for all of you dying if suspense, my reply to the one and only Bethan.

I couldn’t just “let it be” and thought her video proposal needed something equally as awesome back.

So I got in touch with amazingrightnow and they made it happen! A completely reworked Beatles song of my choice, with original parody lyrics they have personally created, based of a few key points from m...

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