Fiverr Blitz – How to sell two products, yet earn thousands


I’m going to introduce to you my report as an entrepreneur how I harnessed the Internet to make a FANTASTIC living for myself!

I was initially stuck in a dead end tedious job with little prospects. I always had a passion for computers. I seen people making a success of themselves doing very little but I was never able to replicate these people successfully...

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The Fiverr cheat sheet *MUST READ*


The topic I will be covering today is:

“How to Fiverr” – a 6 point descriptive overview detailing how to become successful on the selling platform.


Ok, so first things first, what do you have to offer? Are you technical, creative, a real smart arse…. or just plain kooky?

As you look around Fiverr you will see a huge range of different talents on offer...

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Gary Larson meets Felix Baumgartner

CoreyRust on FiverrI came across this gig and was instantly put in mind of Gary Larson and his iconic drawing style. I just had to order

from CoreyRust!

Upon placing my order, I hit a stumbling block… what did I want drawn? I could have absolutely anything, from anywhere, replaced by chickens; the thought itself had my mouth watering (similar to Nandos, but without any chickens being harmed in the making).

After d...

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YourFiverr Cribs with Mr_Marcus

Welcome back to YourFiverr Cribs, today we have a very special treat – a behind the scenes look at the crazy daredevil Mr_Marcus!

A professional Street performer and Entertainer, Marcus made jaws drop when he first joined Fiverr, as he offered to juggling chainsaws, knives and other dangerous things...

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YourFiverr Cribs with BanjoMan15

So here we are again with another installment of Fiverr Cribs (stay tuned, there are more to follow!)

Today, we catch up with Banjoman15, aka Chuck. Chuck stops by for a quick hello and a short insight into his work station.

Playing a vast range of characters, he has gained popularity in a range of genres, notably as a preacher – a gig featured on Fiverr.

I caught up with Chuck, and he was kind e...

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Exclusive painting art from your photo

ewiskan on Fiverr

It’s been a while since I featured the art talents on Fiverr, so here’s a treat for all of those craving their artistic fix.

The famous Jo (aka OldBittyGrandma) sent this lovely piece of artwork to our inbox. (you can submit your purchases too) highlighting ’s newest gig offering.

ewiskan will take your photo and turn it into “painting art”...

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Real Facebook Likes

Intomoder on Fiverr

There are many social marketing gigs on Fiverr – most of which revolve around increasing followers and likes for their respective platforms. Whilst a great marketing tool in principle, the trouble is, most of these gigs are completed with bots and “fake” accounts.

This can actually see more harm than good to your profile...

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10,000+ LinkedIn connections

There’s a lot of social marketing gigs on Fiverr, from Facebook likes to Twitter followers, Youtube views to Pinterest Pins – and unfortunately, most of these services are blackhat and very frowned upon.

So what do you do if you want to increase your online presence and connect with professionals like yourself? You don’t want bots, and you want to be in control.

Recently, I stumbled across W...

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When starting/listing a new gig, make sure to take full advantage of the initial exposure. To create a snowball effect and increase the chance of your gig still being popular, lower your delivery time and rack up that crucial positive feedback quickly!

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To increase your “extra” purchases, give them names. These names will help to create a package (or bundle) type persona. Once this persona is established, buyers will be psychologically prompted to upgrade.

Want to add stars to your package name? (as seen in the above photo). Simply copy them from below.


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