Something for Nothing

I received a message on one of my Fiverr fanpages. It was so sweet. A new seller comy1982, wanted to be featured on the page so badly, they offered me a free gig in exchange. I gladly featured their gig, but I also sent them an image, just to see what they could do with it. Oh my. I was so pleasantly surprised by the quality of artistry this wonderful Fiverr seller has. AMAZING...

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YourFiverr Cribs with OldBittyGrandma

So here we are with another episode of YourFiverr Cribs. Today we have a very special treat as we catch up with the Fiverr famous OldBittyGrandma.

OldBittyGrandma, aka Jo, is everything Fiverr inspires; forum sheriff, super seller, gig promoter, friend helper, provocative actress, group runner, green screen goddess and overall great person.

Jo offers a broad range of services, from character actre...

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How to Market your Gigs on Pinterest


So before I start, what is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies, and more. Users can browse other pinboards for inspiration, ‘re-pin’ images to their own collections or ‘like’ photos...

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MadScientist concocts a Mad Hatter

Christmas has passed, a time to spend with families and cook more food than you could possibly eat in a week. As you looked down your dinning table, what did you see? For some it’s a mad auntie (you know the one, you usually refer to her as “kookie” or “free spirited”), for others it’s the crazy uncle and in some cases, it’s a giant Turkey blocking the view of everything else.

For one girl, Alice...

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Create a Sales Page for Your Gig *PART ONE*


Now, before we go on, I know what you are thinking; “We are not allowed to sell away from Fiverr”, in some respects, this is true, but only if you are doing it incorrectly.

There is nothing wrong, infact it is applauded, in marketing yourself away from the Fiverr system, but ultimately bringing the transaction onto the platform.

Before I go into details, there are just a few rules to be Fiverr co...

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3 steps to higher conversions (and profits)

Hi guys,

If you want higher conversion rates and ultimately higher sales volumes then you need to know the 3 things that influence website conversion rates on a massive scale.

1) Copywriting – Pretty obvious and I don’t need to go into this, copywriting is essential if you want to move sheer volumes of your product.

2) Effective calls to actions – Another obvious one, make sure that you clearly s...

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YourFiverr Cribs with Guitario

Today we are in the UK, home of the Queen, Rich Tea biscuits, a talking meerkat and the musical prowess of Guitario

When Guitario, aka Chris, first hit the Fiverr scene, he revolutionized the music category. His gigs were bursting with talent, professionalism and top grade video editing. Chris truly set the bar and continues to do so...

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Hit a Rough Patch?

So you stepped on someones toes, did you? No? Oh I see, you forgot someone’s birthday…yeah, now I remember. Oh wait, now that you think of it, it HAS been quite some time since they PM’ed you. Hmm..wonder what’s up??

I have felt all these emotions and more, and when I do, I try to get my creative juices flowing in an effort to initiate contact with my cyber buddy…but I am not always THAT creative…

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Ultimate Fiverr marketing

An actual marketing methodology that will let you take ANY niche, ANY gig, and ANY scenario ā€“ and turn your gig account into a highly profitable money-making machine!Ultimate Fiverr Marketing is Packed with 50+ pages brimming with

- 10 Advanced Fiverr Techniques

- 3 Ultimate Marketing Strategies

- Semi- Auttomated and outsourcable methods

- Charts, images, and diagrams that guide you through ...

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20 ways to make money online

Here Are The Straight Facts On How I Make Money Online!

ā€œIā€™m Going To Show You 20 Different Fool Proof Ways That I Have Made Easy Money Online With Just A Computer And An Internet Connection!ā€

Dear Internet Entrepreneur ,

Have you ever thought of starting an online business that could give you a part-time, or even a full-time income?

I have researched 20 different business plans and put t...

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