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YourFiverr Cribs with DjEmotion

So we’ve been to India, now we’re off to Canada eh, I see it as the next logical choice. Over in Canada is where you’ll find the whacky, some may even say crazy, DJEmotion. In this video DJEmotion, or “Rob”, takes us behind-the-scenes into his specially setup Fiverr room.

I’ve featured Rob before as a dancing panda, but to pin point what he offers exactly can only be described as fun...

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YourFiverr Cribs with ArjunRocks

Here it is, the premiere episode, featuring the one and only ArjunRocks! Arjun is kind enough to go through his filming locations with us across the beautiful country of India!

A self confessed ladies man, Arjun has been wooing women all across the world with his sultry voice and dashing sunglasses. Be sure to checkout his wide range of gigs from video testimonials to drunken skits.

When I got in...

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FiverrCribs Launch!


YourFiverr Cribs is an exclusive behind-the-scenes series looking at the workspace and personalities of Fiverr sellers. Think MTV cribs, but for Fiverr. (Any references to MTV cribs is purely accidental, I have never heard of or seen MTV cribs, MTV cribs is purely a mixture of letters to form words and acronyms as laid out by my legal aid *cough*)

Stay tuned for th...

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Behind the scenes with KymmyPops

It’s that time again – Exclusive Content!

The lovely kymmypops stopped by to deliver this blooper reel shot from her nerd based gig – full of Mr Bear and herself.

kymmypops has been on Fiverr for less than a year, but is already a top rated seller with numerous popular gigs and a great flow of orders.

This is cuteness personified, I dare you not to laugh when watching!

For even more information...

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